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 Mt. Manisan

Jeondeungsa temple

• Mt. Manisan
Bomunsa temple Gwangseongbo Fortress
Yeonmijeong pavilion Chojijin Fortress
Gapgot Dondae observation post Jeokseoksa temple

Mt. Manisan - picture1

Mt. Manisan stands 472.1 meters high from sea level. Three mountain peaks stand abreast of each other viewing the beautiful scenery, and Chamseongdan altar is located on top of central peak. From top, you can see many islands in the south of west sea, and also the Mt. Song-aksan in the north on bright weather. Chamseongdan altar is known as place where Dangun performed religious services to Heaven, and like the Cheomseongdae in Gyeongju, the base of altar is round symbolizing the sky and square platform the earth.

According to the Samguk-yusa (three countries' historic records) Dangun appeared in Mt. Myohyangsan and afterwards established a capital in Pyeongyang, northern part of Korea, and called the nation Joseon, but he bestowed the country to Giza Josen and became mountain god. None of the detail records of the Mt Manisan and Chamseongdan are available but in the old map of Korea, Mt. Manisan - picture2
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